Environmental, Safety and Regulatory Support

Pollution Control Devices:   Planning, Design, Supply, Management

EHS Compliance Training:  Development, Implement, Train the trainer.  All formats and subjects

EHS Auditing:  Small Spot check to full records review.   All media

Permitting:  Air, Water, Waste, NPDES, Storm water

SPCC:  Review and training

EMS:  Development, Implement, Train the trainer

Phase I and other surveys

Sustainability:  Reports, training and review

Reporting assistance:  TRI, Tier II, CECRCLA, NPDES, TV

EH&S Root Cause Analysis


Combustion and Operations

Environmental and pollution control equipment: supply, start up, optimization, troubleshooting and inspection

Combustion equipment: supply start up, optimization, control tuning, troubleshooting, inspection

Ancillary equipment design and supply

Boiler and ancillary inspection services

Support Solutions

Operations support services technical training/writing, procedures

Project management: small to medium sized power generation projects, industrial, pollution control equipment.  Owners Rep for project management and optimization

Pre-bid RFQ Development, Implement, Evaluation

Consultation for EH&S issues assisting power generation, industrial and manufacturing

CCB, Remediation supervision, Waste disposal site audits, Tank compliance, CO2 reporting



ECSS is structured to allow expansion to greater rolls as needed by customers.  Partnerships with past equipment suppliers will ensure quality and affordability.   Whether the need is to evaluate a process for a month or a year, or to manage a multiyear expansion project, ECSS can help.

Working with a number of independent but reliable site managers, operations specialist, and technicians, these people resources are available for short, medium and long term projects as needed.

With the experience of the various rolls and opportunities afforded, ECSS can offer enhanced value to many plant needs simultaneously.

Delivering valuable Support Solutions is the primary goal of ECSS.

Environmental Combustion and Support Solutions, LLC is a Limited Liability Company in the State of PA, Licensed and Insured.


Here’s what you can expect to pay when hiring ECSS

Think about it. The best relationships, business or personal, all begin with mutual understanding and trust.

We understand that our services aren’t right for everyone. Maybe you’re looking for the local guy who can do the job for a low price. Maybe you need a huge firm to represent you and are willing to pay top dollar.  Depending on the circumstance we’d make a good team to tackle your problems together.

You’re going to trust us with your company’s process, projects, environmental practices, policies, and information, and we want you to feel comfortable with us, our services, and what we charge. We’re helping you gauge what it will cost if you work with ECSS.

We’re not the cheapest, but we’re also not the most expensive. What we are is an organization of professionals who are experts in our field, with years of experience and dedication to helping organizations of all types, all over the US and around the world, meet their project, environmental and other objectives.

Potential Benefits:

Existing Workforce Retainage

Insure facility EH&S compliance

Free up plant staff to do their day to day duties

Projects and program development are one-off issues

Substantial Project Cost savings:

Lower or maintain head count with outside resources

High work efficiency with no overhead costs

Improve plant operations and efficiency

Avoid Contractor errors, overdesign, redesign and rework

Avoid contractor and employee injuries

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