ECSS Purpose

Working with government, industry, utility and corporate groups, we see great value to many businesses that are too lightly staffed to “properly” support worthy projects, initiatives or requirements. Far too often we see that plant staff and management is so tied up with day to day problems or duties, that an extra project or initiative causes the train to derail or at least drastically loose efficiency. When this happens something will lose. It may not be obvious at the time but less important tasks will go undone or necessary details will get ignored. The result is always the same be it short or long term; lost opportunity in cost, efficiency or availability.

When a project makes sense to undertake, it need not take away from other fundamental plant needs. The project will have a clear start and completion and if implemented well, can be better initiated and managed with the assistance of an outside support group like ECSS.

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Environmental Combustion and Support Solutions, LLC

ECSS operates to provide quality assistance to customers with Operational, Environmental, Performance or Safety Support Services for industries, companies and individuals.




Support Solutions:

Delivering valuable Support Solutions is our goal.

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